Pirate101 Hack 3.5

Something about Pirate101 Hack 3.5
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Something about Pirate101

From the team that brought you Wizard101 comes Pirate101. As a kid-friendly environment, Pirate101 thrills all ages with exciting, flying ships, a new style of combat, and many worlds to discover and explore. Create your own pirate to adventure throughout the worlds, challenging minds of all ages to brave the skies.

Publisher: KingsIsle Entertainment
Playerbase: High
Graphics: Medium
EXP Rate: Low
PvP: No
Filesize: 7mb (2.6gb installed)

Pros: +Child-friendly. +Board game style combat. +Easy to play. +Good customization. +Multiple battle systems.

Cons: -Limited chat. –May not appeal to older audience. –Limited free content. –Slow gameplay. –Overpowered cash shop

Pirate101 is a 3D, pirate-themed MMORPG published by KingsIsle Entertainment that presents a lighthearted take on the adventurous life of a pirate. Similar to KingsIsle’s previous title, Wizard101, Pirate101 is a family friendly game that is aimed more towards a younger audience, with bright cartoon-like graphics and an easy learning curve, but provides enough of a challenge to interest older players as well. Although fairly plain and simple, Pirate101 has a character customization process that is both entertaining and detailed. Players are given a customizable backstory that they can use to choose their characters’ features, such as their class. There are five classes to choose from.

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