Star Trek Online Hack v2.1

Something about Star Trek Online Hack v2.1
Download Star Trek Online Hack v2.1 for free. The tool will add to your account: Energy Credit, Marks Fleet, Fleet Credits, Dilithium Ore, GPL (Gold-Pressed Latinum) and Zen! You will create the best character in the game for free. You buy the best items, the best ship in the game. Star Trek Online is a very interesting game in which you play for free using our Hack. Star Trek Online Hack v2.1 is a free program and its main advantage is generating: GPL (Gold-Pressed Latinum) and Zen. See a video demonstration of the Hack.

Star Trek Online Hack v2.1 adds to your account:
- Energy Credit
- Fleet Marks
- Fleet Credits
- Dilithium Ore
- GPL (Gold-Pressed Latinum)
- Zen ***

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Something about Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a 3D sci-fi themed MMORPG based off the popular Star Trek Franchise. Players step into the role of a rising Starfleet Lieutenant, commanding their own crew and ship through unknown zones in the galaxy. Fans of the original series will enjoy strolling through the Enterprise, participating in PvE ground combat, and waging war in PvP tactical ship battles with fellow comrades. Customize your ship with a variety of weapons and add-ons or even create your own master alien race in this free-to-play space MMO.

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment
Playerbase: Low
Graphics: High Quality
EXP Rate: Medium
PvP: Factions / Duels
Filesize: ~7 GB

Pros: +Great graphics. +Explore Star Trek Universe. +Ground and tactical space combat. +Wide variety of ship customization options. +Weekly episodes and events. +In-depth character creation tool.

Cons: : -Repetitive gameplay. –Controls could be better. –Cluttered interface. –Buggy at times. -Shop items are overpriced. –Free players limited in character slots and chat access.

Star Trek Online is a free-to-play MMORPG set in the year 2409. Players can become young wide-eyed Lieutenants in the Federation or Klingons exploring the unknown. Based off the Star Trek Franchise it’s somewhat comparable to Battlestar Galactica Online, Dark Orbit, and Pirates of the Burning Sea in terms of gameplay. Players complete various missions on ground or in space. Each captain can control their own spacecraft and fight others in an intergalactic faction war. Participate in hand to hand combat or fire phasers at foes while exploring new planets. Choose between three distinct positions and slowly expand your crew. Customize your ship with an assortment of weapons and gadgets for strategized attacks. Work your way up the ranks to admiral and run one of the best U.S.S. Starships ever to enter the solar system.

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